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Help! My account has been suspended.

Why was my account suspended?

Our system automatically suspends accounts that are suspected of non-compliant activity, including:

  • Using a proxy server or VPN
  • Logging in to multiple accounts
  • Using more than 3 accounts per household
  • Advertiser complaints or suspected fraud
  • Logging in from an unsupported country
  • Any other breaches of our Terms of Service
How do I get back into my account?

Just send us a message (if you haven't already) and we will review your account as soon as we can. As long as your account has not been permanently suspended, we'll be happy to explain what happened and reinstate your account.

The decision we make is always final. In almost all cases, we can reinstate accounts that have been suspended for minor issues. Sometimes, we may need to permanently suspend your account to protect our platform from fraud.