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What if my offer didn't credit?

If you completed an offer from one of our partners but didn't receive your points, the fastest way to receive credit is to contact their support team directly. Most offer walls have a link to contact support at the top of the offer wall. You may need to include your User ID

Some reasons why your offer might not have tracked successfully:

  • Your ad blocker was enabled, which causes issues when placing cookies required to track your offers.
  • Your browser is not set to allow third party cookies. These must be enabled to receive credit.
  • You didn't complete the offer instructions correctly. Double-check the instructions on the offer wall.

You should usually allow up to 7 days before contacting an offer wall about missing points. Sometimes your points will be automatically credited during this time. If you need to contact the offer wall, you will usually need to prove that you completed the offer. Make sure you take screenshots while completing the offer (especially if it's worth a lot of points!) and keep any emails or receipts sent to you.