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Why was I disqualified/screened out?

Each survey has a certain purpose and very specific demographic requirements. If the answers you provided are not in line with these requirements, you'll be disqualified from the survey. These requirements are set by the survey provider themselves; we don't have any control over disqualifications. You can be disqualified at any time while completing a survey.

Why was I disqualified?

Your demographic data is not in line with the survey requirements

The survey has already received the required amount of responses

Using a proxy server or VPN

Using fake or inaccurate information

Speeding through questions or failing an attention check

How can I qualify more often?

Survey providers will remember your answers so that they can check if you are eligible for future surveys. The more surveys you complete with different providers, the more likely you will qualify for the surveys that you start. Survey providers do not share data with each other, so you may have to answer the same type of questions with multiple survey providers.

Make sure that you're always giving honest, valid answers and that you're paying close attention to the questions. Some questions are included to double-check that you're paying attention and answering questions consistently.